My Book Nightmares – Turned into Dreams

Hello Ladies and Gentleman

So…the title. Well, I have never really enjoyed books and I had a very closed mind into trying them out. I am by nature very visual and practical, so a book just seemed like the polar opposite to me gaining knowledge. However, as you will find out, this all changed.

From nothing at all – I have been reading one book (minimum) every month for 1 year now (I hope to make this every week). I have read all different types of books in this time from Business books, Motivational books, Criminal – Mystery, Fantasy, Politics, Sports Psychology and many more! (Keep an open mind to knowledge!) I love to read now, but only recently have I discovered this.  I had never even picked up a book until I was 18 and my University forced it upon me. Now I cannot go anywhere without one! Of course as a child I loved my penguin classics and small children books, but nothing over 30 pages and a little picture!

My first ever book I read, (which I bought in Morrisons) was because my partner persuaded (nagged) me into it!

I am a very… very slow reader! I believe that this is one of the reasons I never enjoyed reading before University. It used to take me a monumental amount of time! The first book I ever read was ‘The Toy Taker’ by Luke Delaney (Little did I know at the time that this was the third book of a 5 part series, but there you go.) This book took me 8 months to finish. Yes… 8… months. My second book was ‘The Godfather’ by Mario Puzo which took me 5 months and my Third book was ‘The Establishment’ by Owen Jones which took me 4 months.

“Yes… 8… months.”

I realised that these times are all far too long for reading one book, considering my partner would read one in around a week! So I started setting my self a timed goal of one month per book minimum and it worked really well. This way I would read more often in order to meet my target, essentially forcing myself to read more. I used to only read when I was on the train to university (around 40 minutes), but now I pretty much read when ever I can. No more procrastinating! Well, now I am a bit more fluent at reading and I absolutely cannot wait for my next book, which in turn makes me read faster as well! With out setting the goal to read the book I am on in one month, I would have no time limit and therefore not push myself to read.

The reason I am writing this, is because; I have always kept a written version of my synopsis per book In a journal, for future reference (I quite like to write also.) I am going to be writing a synopsis for every book I read in the future and posting it (among other blogs) on this website. This will be ultimately for my personal use as a diary, however I am going to leave it public as I love to network and share words with other people. Please comment your thoughts if you like!

In the future, I hope that my blogs are more improved, planned, refined and ultimately more frequent. I will post, a sort of ‘What I am about’ blog pretty soon but I have no real topic for my writing as of yet. I will be reviewing books, talking about my university, my day and who knows, only the future will tell.

For now, I will be reading ‘The Sell – The Secrets of Selling Anything to Anyone’ by Fredrik Eklund & Bruce Littlefield. When I have finished I will leave my Thoughts! If I have learned the platform correctly, the picture at the top should be the front cover.

I will be passing on the knowledge and posting this book to one random person who comments! A great giveaway and completely free of course!

I am going to leave you with a great quote by George R.R. Martin about reading which motivates me to carry on forming my mini library,

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… the man who never reads lives only one.”

Thank-you everyone,



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